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FreeBSD Related Publications

FreeBSD Daemon

The FreeBSD Handbook contains a considerably longer bibliography.

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book cover A publication from Tatsumi Hosokawa and others. Among computer books, it is a top-seller in Japan and exceeded the sales of Bill Gates' "The Road Ahead" when published (it was #2, this book was #1).
book cover (Japanese FreeBSD book with 2.0.5, titled "FreeBSD: Fun and easy Installation")
book cover (Japanese FreeBSD book with 2.0.5, titled "FreeBSD Introductory Kit")
book cover This is BSDi's "The Complete FreeBSD" with installation guide, manual pages and installation CDs inside.
book cover This book was published (early 1997) in Taiwan. Its title is "FreeBSD: introduction and applications" and the author is Jian-Da Li (aka. jdli).
book cover This is the "Getting Started with FreeBSD" from Fuki-Shuppan. Other than the standard installation guide and Japanese environment, it emphasizes system administration and low-level information (such as the boot process, etc.) FreeBSD-2.2.2R and XFree86-3.2 on CDROM. 264 pages, 3,400 yen.
book cover The "Personal Unix Starter Kit - FreeBSD" from ASCII. Includes history of UNIX®, a guide to build a Japanese documentation processing system and how to create ports. and XFree86-3.2 in CDROM. 384 pages, 3,000 yen.
book cover BSD mit Methode, M. Schulze, B. Roehrig, M. Hoelzer und andere, C&L Computer und Literatur Verlag, 1998, 850 pages. 2 CDROMs, FreeBSD 2.2.6, NetBSD 1.2.1 and 1.3.2, OpenBSD 2.2 and 2.3. DM 98,-.
book cover This is the "FreeBSD Install and utilization manual" from Mainichi Communications. General introduction to FreeBSD from installation to utilization with troubleshooting under the supervision of the user group in Japan. 2.2.7-RELEASE FreeBSD(98)2.2.7-Rev01 PAO and distfiles in CDROM. 472 pages, 3,600yen.
book cover The "FreeBSD User's Reference Manual" from Mainichi Communications, under the supervision of "jpman project", the manual translation project by the user group in Japan. Japanese edition of the section 1 of the FreeBSD manual. 2.2.7-RELEASE FreeBSD(98)2.2.7-Rev01 and PAO in CDROM. 1,040 pages, 3,800yen.
book cover The "FreeBSD System Administrator's Manual" from Mainichi Communications, under the supervision of "jpman project", the manual translation project by the user group in Japan. Japanese edition of the section 5 and 8 of the FreeBSD manual. 756 pages, 3,300yen.
book cover This is "About FreeBSD" from It is first FreeBSD book in Korea, and covers several topics from installation to Korean environment. 3.5.1-RELEASE/PAO and 4.1-RELEASE in 3 CDROMs. 788 pages, 26,000 won.
book cover Onno W Purbo, Dodi Maryanto, Syahrial Hubbany, Widjil Widodo: Building Internet Server with FreeBSD (in Indonesia Language), published by Elex Media Komputindo, 2000.
book cover The FreeBSD Handbook 1st Edition is a comprehensive FreeBSD Tutorial and reference. It covers installation, day-to-day use of FreeBSD, and much more. April 2000, BSDi. ISBN 1-57176-241-8
book cover The Complete FreeBSD with CDs, 3rd Ed, FreeBSD 4.2. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to get your computer up and running FreeBSD. Includes 4 CDs containing the FreeBSD operating system! Released: November 2000 ISBN: 1-57176-246-9
book cover The FreeBSD Handbook 2nd Edition is a comprehensive FreeBSD Tutorial and reference. It covers installation, day-to-day use of FreeBSD, and much more. November 2001, Wind River Systems. ISBN 1-57176-303-1
book cover "The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide" Mittelstaedt, Ted. Addison Wesley, 2000.
There are two printings: the first has disk 1 of FreeBSD 4.2, the second has disk 1 of FreeBSD 4.4. 400 pages. The Japanese translation was published in 2001.
The Networker's Guide covers integration of FreeBSD into typical corporate networks with special emphasis on interoperation with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K.
English version: 2000, Addison Wesley. ISBN 0-201-70481-1
Japanese version: 2001, Pearson Education Japan. ISBN 4-89471-464-7
book cover "FreeBSD, An Open-Source Operating System for Your Personal Computer", Annelise Anderson.
An introduction to FreeBSD for users new to both FreeBSD and UNIX. This book includes a 4.4 installation CD-ROM and covers everything you need to know about installation of the system and third-party software; getting sound, X Window, your network, and printing working; building your own kernel; and upgrading. Second Edition. December 2001, The Bit Tree Press. ISBN 0-9712045-1-9
Absolute BSD book cover Absolute BSD. This book discusses management of FreeBSD-based servers in high-performance enterprise environments. June 2002, No Starch Press. ISBN 1-886411-74-3
FreeBSD Open Documentation Library Fultus presents FreeBSD Open Documentation Library. This is the full up-to-date FreeBSD documentation collection available online in the Technical Literature section of the Fultus eLibrary and Fultus Online Book Superstore in the following formats:
  • Online Web Help (searchable through all documents) (Mozilla, Netscape Navigator & IE compatible);
  • Searchable Adobe PDF format with Bookmark link page (for desktop and PDA);
  • Compiled HTML format (chm) (for Windows).
Read about FreeBSD eBooks and download examples on the FreeBSD Documentation page of the Fultus web site.
book cover "Building an Internet Server with FreeBSD 6" is a step-by-step guide for helping new and experienced users to FreeBSD install and configure the latest Internet server applications in a minimum of time. The guide includes descriptions of many of the Internet's most popular and widely deployed open source projects, detailed instructions on implementing each, and maintenance tasks important to an Internet server. May 2006, Lulu Press, ISBN 1411695747, 228 pages.
book cover Written by the professionals of EnderUNIX and Huseyin Yuce this book is the first Turkish FreeBSD book. The book is published by acikkod publications. Book is available for sale on this page. Details of the book:

ISBN: 975-98990-0-0
Published: February 2004
Paperback: 504 pages
CD: FreeBSD 4.9 Installation CD
Authors: Hüseyin Yüce, İsmail Yenigül, Ömer Faruk Şen, Barış Şimşek and Murat Balaban.

Table of Contents (in Turkish)
Les cahiers de l'Admin BSD book cover Les cahiers de l'Admin: BSD (the BSD sysadmin notebook), from Emmanuel Dreyfus, covers various UNIX® administrative topics for BSD systems. Aimed at beginners and intermediate in BSD system administration. Book in french, Eyrolles, 2004. ISBN 2-212-11463-X
The OpenBSD PF Packet Filter Book The OpenBSD PF Packet Filter Book covers the PF packet filter suite, ALTQ, spamd, address translation, and more for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and DragonFly. August 2006, Reed Media Services. ISBN 978-0-9790342-0-6.
FreeBSD 6 Unleashed FreeBSD 6 Unleashed covers everything you need to know to use FreeBSD to its fullest potential. Jun 7, 2006, Sams. ISBN 0-672-32875-5
The FreeBSD 6.0 Book (Traditional Chinese FreeBSD book with 6.0) December 2005, Drmaster. ISBN 9-575-27878-X
Utilizare, administrare, configurare This Romanian language book is a useful guide for people taking their first steps with FreeBSD. It covers installation and day-to-day operation of a FreeBSD system, and contains practical examples illustrating the use of FreeBSD's utilities. It has two case studies on configuring FreeBSD as a server and a router. 2005, Polirom Publishing House, ISBN 973-681-683-4
The RadioBSD Crier: Issue 2007/01: Managing FreeBSD and NetBSD Firewalls The “RadioBSD Crier: 2007/01” is a 24-page article on managing FreeBSD and NetBSD IPFW, IPFW2, and IP6FW firewalls.
The Best of FreeBSD Basics by Dru Lavigne The Best of FreeBSD Basics by Dru Lavigne provides near 100 tutorials covering a wide range of FreeBSD and open source Unix topics. December 2007. Reed Media Services. ISBN 978-0-9790342-2-0.


FreeBSD release information page

CD cover This is InfoMagic's BSDisc, containing FreeBSD 2.0 and NetBSD 1.0 on a single CD. This is the only example I have which had cover art.
CD cover This is the original 4.4 BSD Lite2 release from UC Berkeley, the core technology behind much of FreeBSD.
CD cover The first of Laser5's "BSD" series. Contains FreeBSD-2.0.5R, NetBSD-1.0, XFree86-3.1.1 and FreeBSD(98) kernel.
CD cover The second of Laser5's "BSD" series. From this version, the CDs come in a standard jewel box. Contains FreeBSD-2.1R, NetBSD-1.1, XFree86-3.1.2 and 3.1.2A, and FreeBSD(98) kernel (2.0.5).
CD cover This is the Laser5 Japanese edition of the FreeBSD CDROM. It is a 4 CD set.
CD cover This is the only FreeBSD CD Pacific Hitech produced before merging their product line with that of Walnut Creek CDROM. PHT now also produces the FreeBSD/J (Japanese) CD product.
CD cover This is the cover disc from the Korean magazine. Note the creative cover art! The CD contains the FreeBSD 2.2.1 release with some local additions.
CD cover This is it - the very first FreeBSD CD published! Both the FreeBSD Project and Walnut Creek CDROM were fairly young back then, and you'll probably have little difficulty in spotting the differences in production quality between then and now.
CD cover This was the second FreeBSD CD published by Walnut Creek CDROM and also the very last on the 1.x branch (ref USL/Novell lawsuit and settlement). The next release, FreeBSD 1.1.5, was only available on the net.
CD cover This unusual CD is something of a collector's item now given that almost all existing examples were systematically tracked down and destroyed. An artwork mishap has this CD dated for the wrong year, and on the spine "January" is also misspelled as "Jaunary", just to increase the embarrassment factor. Ah, the perils of turning in one's artwork just hours before leaving for a trade show.
CD cover This is the fixed-up version of the FreeBSD 2.0 CD. Note that the color scheme has even been changed in the corrected version, something unusual for a fixup and perhaps done to distance it from the earlier mistake.
CD cover The FreeBSD 2.0.5 release CD. This was the first CD to feature Tatsumi Hosokawa's daemon artwork.
CD cover The FreeBSD 2.1 release CD. This was the first CD release on the 2.1 branch (the last being 2.1.7).
CD cover The FreeBSD 2.1.5 release CD.
CD cover The FreeBSD 2.1.6 release CD.
CD cover The Japanese version of 2.1.6. This was the first and last Japanese localized version published by WC, responsibility for that product then transitioning to a team led by Tatsumi Hosokawa and sponsored by Pacific Hitech and Laser5.
CD cover The FreeBSD 2.1.7 release CD. Also the last CD released on the 2.1.x branch. Done primarily as a security fixup for 2.1.6
CD cover An early release SNAPshot of 2.2 (done before 2.2.1 was released).
CD cover The FreeBSD 2.2.1 release CD. This was the first CD on the 2.2 branch.
CD cover The FreeBSD 2.2.2 release CD.
CD cover The FreeBSD 3.0 snapshot CD.
CD cover The FreeBSD mailing list and newsgroup archives, turned into HTML and semi-indexed by thread. This product ran for 2 releases and then stopped with a thud once it became obvious that there was simply too much data to deal with on one CD. Perhaps when DVD becomes more popular...
CD cover FreeBSD Toolkit: Six disc set of resources to make your FreeBSD experience more enriching.
CD cover FreeBSD Alpha 4.2 - The full version of the DEC Alpha 64-bit UNIX operating system.
CD cover FreeBSD 4.2: The full version of the PC 32-bit UNIX operating system.
CD cover FreeBSD 4.2 CD-ROM. Lehmanns CD-ROM Edition. January 2001, 4 CD-ROMs. Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung. Germany. ISBN 3-931253-72-4.
CD cover FreeBSD 4.3 RELEASE CDROM. April 2001, Wind River Systems. ISBN 1-57176-300-7.
CD cover FreeBSD Toolkit: Six disc set of resources to make your FreeBSD experience more enriching. June 2001, Wind River Systems. ISBN 1-57176-301-5.
CD cover FreeBSD 4.4 CD-ROM. Lehmanns CD-ROM Edition. November 2001, 6 CD-ROMs in Jewelcase. Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung. Germany. ISBN 3-931253-84-8.
CD cover FreeBSD 4.4 RELEASE CDROM. Wind River Systems. September 2001. ISBN 1-57176-304-X.
CD cover FreeBSD 4.5 RELEASE CDROM. February 2002, FreeBSD Mall Inc. ISBN 1-57176-306-6.


magazine cover Cover of Korean UNIX magazine, May 1997 issue. Also included FreeBSD 2.2.1 with cover CDs.
magazine cover UNIX User Magazine November 1996 issue. Also included FreeBSD 2.1.5 on cover CD.
magazine cover This is the "FreeBSD Full Course" special in April 1997's Software Design (published by Gijutsu Hyoron Sha). There are 80 pages of FreeBSD articles covering everything from installation to tracking -current.
magazine cover Quality Unix for FREE, by Brett Glass in Sm@rt Reseller Online September 1998
magazine cover This is the "BSD magazine" published by ASCII corporation, the world's first publication specialized in BSD. BSD magazine covers FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and BSD/OS. The premiere issue features articles on the history of BSD, installation, and Ports/Packages; it also includes 4 CD-ROMs containing FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE, NetBSD 1.4.1 and OpenBSD 2.5.