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FreeBSD News

December 2001

  • 31 December, 2001: BSDCon will be hosted by the Usenix Association this year. The conference will run from February 11-14 in San Francisco. The FreeBSD Project will have a broad presence at this conference, and anyone interested in learning more about specific technologies or the FreeBSD Project in general is encouraged to attend.

  • 28 December, 2001: New committer: Doug Ambrisko (Aironet)

  • 27 December, 2001: New committer: Sergey Skvortsov (Ports)

  • 21 December, 2001: The FreeBSD-stable branch of the source tree has now been frozen in preparation for the release of FreeBSD 4.5. This means that any new commits to the -stable source tree must be approved by the release engineering team first. Our expected "ship" date for 4.5 is January 20th, 2002.

  • 21 December, 2001: The November 2001 status report is now available; see the status reports Web page for more information.

  • 21 December, 2001: The FreeBSD Backports Collection is a new site created by D J Hawkey Jr. It contains patches that appeared in FreeBSD-stable that have not yet been merged in to older releases. Wider testing of these patches makes it more likely that they will be committed to earlier FreeBSD releases. So if your site relies on earlier releases of FreeBSD, and, for whatever reason, you do not wish to update to the most recent release, you are encouraged to visit this site frequently.

  • 20 December, 2001: New committer: Martin Blapp (Ports)

  • 7 December, 2001: BSDFreak is a new site that provides tutorials, articles, and journals covering BSD operating systems from a user's perspective.

November 2001

October 2001

  • 30 October, 2001: "The FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition" is now available in printed form! This is the primary source of documentation produced by the FreeBSD Documentation Project and is available now from, amongst other places, The FreeBSD Mall. For a complete list of changes in this edition, see the announce message from the editors. The ISBN for this book is 1571763031. 653 pages.

  • 26 October, 2001: New committer: Makoto Matsushita (release building)

  • 23 October, 2001: Bob Van Valzah has submitted an article introducing failure-resilient servers and step-by-step instructions for building one with Vinum.

  • 23 October, 2001: Doug Rabson and Peter Wemm have been working non-stop on the FreeBSD/ia64 port in the past few weeks and said today that it boots into multi-user mode without any operator attendance. This is indeed a major milestone in continued FreeBSD porting efforts. Right now most work is concentrating on fixing any problems in the sourcetree which become exposed by this platform's porting effort.

  • 19 October, 2001: Jake Burkholder and Thomas Moestl have been porting FreeBSD to the ultra sparc for the past few months and first booted a machine into single user mode on the 18th of October. The log from the serial console can be found at

  • 17 October, 2001: New committer: Akio Morita (PC98)

  • 7 October, 2001: Benno Rice has committed a mega-patch which added support for OpenFirmware to the FreeBSD loader. The loader can now load a kernel over the network and execute it on an Apple iMac.

  • 5 October, 2001: After a few months of development Doug Rabson and Peter Wemm have committed patches which extends the FreeBSD/ia64 port's functionality and adds the possibility to boot on real hardware.

  • 5 October, 2001: New committer: Giorgos Keramidas (Docs)

September 2001

  • 18 September, 2001: The August 2001 Status Report is now available; see the Status Reports Web Page.

  • 10 September, 2001: Many people, upon hearing of 5.0's untimely delay for a full year, have asked what they can do to help 5.0 get back on track. This email gives a list of outstanding projects for 5.0 and as much information as possible about how to get involved.

August 2001

  • 30 August, 2001: FreeBSD 5.0 has been delayed until November 2002. The complete announcement from Jordan is available here.

  • 28 August, 2001: New committer: Robert Drehmel

  • 22 August, 2001: New committer: Pete Fritchman (Ports)

  • 17 August, 2001: Annelise Anderson, a frequent contributor to the FreeBSD mailing lists, has written "FreeBSD: An Open-Source Operating System for Your PC", an introduction to FreeBSD aimed at the new user. Published by The Bit Tree Press, the ISBN is 0971204500, and it can be ordered from, amongst other places, the DaemonNews Mall.

  • 16 August, 2001: The Installing FreeBSD section of the Handbook has been substantially improved and updated. The new documentation features "screenshots" of almost every stage of the installation process, and expanded text detailing what each stage of the install covers. The bulk of the work was carried out by Randy Pratt.

  • 14 August, 2001: New committer: Max Khon

  • 9 August, 2001: New committer: Randy Pratt (Docs)

  • 9 August, 2001: The July 2001 status report is now available; see the Status Reports Web page.

  • 8 August, 2001: An RDF file of the last 10 news headlines on the FreeBSD site is now available. The URL is You can use this file to syndicate FreeBSD news headlines on to your own web site (as Daily DaemonNews and the FreeBSD Diary do), or on to your desktop, using applications such as KNewsTicker.

  • 7 August, 2001: Pandaemonium, the BSD Users Group of Western Australia, has been added to the Support page.

  • 6 August, 2001: New committer: Valentino Vaschetto (Docs)

July 2001

  • 30 July, 2001: A second edition of The FreeBSD Handbook will be in production shortly. A task list has been published for anyone who wants to help contribute to the state of available printed documentation about FreeBSD.

  • 26 July, 2001: New committer: Mark Peek

  • 16 July, 2001: New committer: Rob Braun

  • 16 July, 2001: New committer: Dave Zarzycki

  • 16 July, 2001: New committer: Mike Barcroft

  • 13 July, 2001: New committer: Chern Lee (Docs)

June 2001

May 2001

  • 24 May, 2001: The famous ftp site,, is now back in full operation. Many thanks to Tele Danmark, who are supplying the machine as well as the network connection.

  • 16 May, 2001: New committer: Jim Pirzyk

  • 2 May, 2001: The first May 2001 issue of the FreeBSD 'zine is now available. Starting this month, there will be two issues per month; one on the 1st, and one on the 15th.

April 2001

March 2001

February 2001

January 2001

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