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FreeBSD Doceng Team Charter

The doceng@ team is a body to handle some of the meta-project issues associated with the FreeBSD Documentation Project. The main responsibilities of this team are:

  • To grant approval for new documentation committers. Documentation includes articles and books, website pages, manual pages, release notes and translations of the above. There are two kinds of doc commit bits: translator commit bit, which is limited to translations in a particular language and full commit bit, which is only granted to aspirants, who have shown enough English writing skills.
  • To maintain the doc project primer, which documents best practices for the FreeBSD Documentation Project.
  • To manage the doc/ release process. This includes coordinating the release documentation updates with the various translation teams, coordinating with the release engineering team to tag the doc/ tree during the release cycle, and documenting these procedures.
  • To ensure that the generated documentation (PDF, HTML, etc.) on the Web site and FTP site are up to date with respect to the versions of the documents in the SVN tree. This includes making sure the Web site build is functioning correctly, and also involves working with the admin team to ensure that the primary Web server has all of the requisite software installed (including build scripts).
  • To act as MAINTAINER (when necessary) or to work in coordination with existing MAINTAINERs, to ensure that the documentation toolchains (DocBook, groff, etc.) are in good working order.
  • To maintain the sanctity of the FreeBSD doc/ tree. Due to the visibility of these files and documents to the outside world, doceng@ reserves the right to immediately backout (or fix without waiting for response from the original committer) changes that introduce broken links, cause the Web site build to break, or otherwise degrade the accessibility of the FreeBSD Web site and documentation.

It is specifically noted here that doceng@ is not a conflict resolution body for the FreeBSD Documentation Project. Discussion and consensus on the freebsd-doc mailing list is how the project has conducted itself, and how it is expected to conduct itself in the future.

Current Membership

New Doc Committers

Idle Doc Committers