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FreeBSD News

FreeBSD es un sistema operativo de rápido desarrollo. Mantenerse al día en los últimos desarrollos puede ser complicado. Para ayudarte a mantenerte al día, pásate por aquí periódicamente. También te recomendamos que te subscribas a la lista freebsd-announce .

Para una detallada descripción de pasado, presente, y futuro de las releases, mira en la página de Información de Releases.

Diciembre 1999

Septiembre 1999

Agosto 1999

  • 10-Ago-1999 C-Forge, ha publicado un Entorno Integrado de Desarrollo (IDE) para FreeBSD, soportando C, C++, Perl, Tcl y muchos otros lenguajes.

Junio 1999

  • 10-Jun-1999 Los CD's de FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE están siendo enviados. Los subscriptores que no tienen ningún acuerdo o condición especial de envío, deberín recibir los cd's en muy poco tiempo. Cualquier persona que desee pedir FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE o subscribirse, puede hacerlo a través de The FreeBSD Mall.
  • 8-Jun-1999 Un nuevo Mirror Australiano del Web de FreeBSD Gracias a ITworks Consulting por la conectividad.

Mayo 1999

  • 18-Mayo-1999 FreeBSD 3.2 disponible. Por favor, mira en la página de Información Release para más detalles. Asegúrate de visitar la página de erratas después de la instalación por si se ha detectado algún problema de última hora.

Abril 1999

Marzo 1999

  • 05-Mar-1999La USENIX Association ha anunciado la 1999 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, para los días 6 al 11 de Junio de 1999 en Monterey, California, USA. Jordan Hubbard se encarga de FREENIX, dedicado exclusivamente a los ultimos desarrollos y aplicaciones interesantes dentro del mundo del software libre.
  • 01-Mar-1999Puesta en marcha de un servidor seguro para aceptar donaciones monetarias para el proyecto FreeBSD. Para más información mira en
  • 01-Mar-1999Ya están disponibles los CD's de FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASE. Los suscriptores recibirán muy pronto sus CD's. Pásate por para hacer los pedidos.

Febrero 1999

  • 17-Feb-1999The Gartner Group ha presentado un documento Divorcing Thin Server Software from the Hardware examinando la tendencia de usar hardware y software de diferentes proveedores.
  • 15-Feb-1999 FreeBSD 3.1 ya está disponible. Por favor, mira la Información de la Release para más detalles. Asegúrate de leer la página de erratas después de la instalación por si se ha tenido que incluir algún tipo de información sobre la 3.1-release.
  • 04-Feb-1999El Diario de FreeBSD, una colección de documentos en formato how-to para principiantes en UNIX®.

Enero 1999

  • 20-Ene-1999 3.0-stable ha dejado de pertenecer a la rama -current. La próxima release en esta rama será la 3.1-RELEASE a mediados de Febrero e 1999.
  • 13-Ene-99El FreeBSD ezine es una colección mensual de artículos fáciles de leer escritos por usuarios y administradores de FreeBSD como tú.
  • 10-Ene-99Una "carta abierta" de Jordan Hubbard en la que se repasa el año 1998 y se plantean las posibilidades futuras de FreeBSD.

December 1998

  • 28-Dec-98Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, FreeBSD 3.0 will depart the -current branch late in the day on 15 January 1999. The 3.0.1 release will follow 30 days later, on 15 February 1999. Developers should consider this as ADVANCE NOTICE of these events.
  • 13-Dec-98Walnut Creek CD-ROM has opened the FreeBSD Mall, a site devoted to the commercial aspects of FreeBSD, including add-ons, hardware, and commercial tech-support. To advertise or sell your products or services at the FreeBSD Mall, contact Walnut Creek CD-ROM.

November 1998

  • 30-Nov-98 FreeBSD 2.2.8 has been released. Please see the Release Information page for more details. Also be sure to check the release errata after installation for any late-breaking issues with 2.2.8 that you might need to be aware of.
  • 26-Nov-98FreeBSD Rocks is an initiative designed to provide the FreeBSD community with the latest FreeBSD news, software and resources. All areas include search facilities, making keyword searching of historical posts a breeze. The pages are updated daily and everyone is invited to sign up an post an article. If it happened today, you'll see it on FreeBSDRocks.

October 1998

September 1998

  • 15-Sep-98 September 15th is the scheduled date for entering BETA with the 3.0-current tree. As all of you already (should) know, 3.0 is scheduled for release on October 15th so this gives us a nice 30 day BETA period. During this time, I don't expect anyone to drop in significant new work or otherwise perturb the 3.0-current tree in such a way that violates the general idea of a BETA (you're supposed to test what you have, not move the goalposts every couple of days :).

  • 13-Sep-98 After more than a year of development, the Common Access Method SCSI layer for FreeBSD will be integrated into 3.0-current on Sunday, September 13th. The CAM development team is currently busy ensuring that the integration process goes as smoothly as possible, so please understand that we may be slow to respond to questions about CAM in the days.

  • 9-Sep-98 Perl5 is now imported into the 3.0-CURRENT source tree.

  • 5-Sep-98 The BSD CD Giveaway List. If somebody has a CD to give away (recipient pays for shipping) or to lend locally, they can put their email address on the list. Hardware and literature can also be given away. We encourage people to donate CDs to local libraries and put them on the list as well.

  • 1-Sep-98 First issue of Daemon News arrives day earlier. This electronic ezine is by BSD community for BSD community. See

August 1998

  • 31-Aug-98 FreeBSD -CURRENT branch (the future 3.0-RELEASE) has switched to ELF from a.out format. People involved did a great job: transition went smooth. Check mail archive for more information on the transition to ELF.

  • 23-Aug-98 Suidcontrol-0.1 utility has been released. The suidcontrol is an experimental utility for managing suid/sgid policy under FreeBSD. You can get more information at

  • 9-Aug-98 FreeBSD Security How-To has been published. This work is currently in beta and can be found at

July 1998

June 1998

  • 24-Jun-98 The FreeBSD Project is sponsoring an FreeBSD Desktop Theme Contest. Participants will design their own X11 configurations, and winners will have theirs distributed with future releases of FreeBSD.

May 1998

  • 30-May-98 FreeBSD and Apache are used in this very useful article on implementing a web farm using round-robin DNS in

  • 23-May-98 The second issue of the FreeBSD Newsletter is now available in Adobe PDF format (also by FTP). A help file is available to assist you in selecting and using a PDF viewer. Article submissions, advertisements, and letters to the editor should be sent to

  • 1-May-98 The FreeBSD Project set up Anonymous CVS for the FreeBSD CVS tree. Among other things, it allows users of FreeBSD to perform, with no special privileges, read-only CVS operations against one of the FreeBSD project's official anoncvs servers.

April 1998

  • 16-Apr-98 The new 4 CD set of FreeBSD 2.2.6 is now in stock and should start shipping to subscription and back-order customers tomorrow. More information on the CD contents are available from

  • 11-Apr-98 The new FreeBSD project FreeBSD Mozilla Group is created. The FreeBSD Mozilla Group supports and improves the free available Netscape web browser, otherwise known as Mozilla.

March 1998

  • 25-Mar-98 FreeBSD 2.2.6 has been released. See the Release Information page for details. Also be sure to check the release errata after installation for any late-breaking issues with 2.2.6 that you should know about.

January 1998

  • 08-Jan-98 Improved support for Plug-n-Play cards has now been integrated into both 3.0-current and 2.2-stable branches now. This is available in source form via the CVSup utility or in binary release snapshots from

December 1997

  • 26-Dec-97 A convenient front-end tool for installing and configuring the CVSup utility is now available. To use it, simply login or su to root and run: pkg_add

  • 2-Dec-97 The "FOOF" bug has now been fixed in our 3.0-current and 2.2-stable branches and can either be incorporated by using the CVSup utility, as described below for the LAND attack fix, or by applying these patches.

  • 1-Dec-97 The "LAND attack" bug in TCP/IP has now been fixed in all relevant branches and can be incorporated by using the CVSup utility to track the latest 2.2 or 3.0 sources.

  • 1-Dec-97 Team FreeBSD is a group of FreeBSD users and supporters contributing CPU idle time in an effort to crack RSA's 64-bit encryption code. For more information, visit Team FreeBSD's WWW site.

November 1997

  • 21-Nov-97 Pentium bug -- We are aware of the "F00F" Pentium halting bug and are working with Intel on a fix. When we have a fix ready for public consumption it will be announced here, on the mailing list and to the Usenet newsgroup comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce. Your patience is appreciated.

  • 09-Nov-97 FreeBSD 2.2.5-RELEASE CDROMS are now in stock and shipping to customers worldwide. More information is available at

October 1997

  • 22-Oct-97 FreeBSD 2.2.5 has been released. See the Release Information page for details. Also be sure to check the release errata after installation for any late-breaking issues with 2.2.5 that you should know about.

September 1997

  • 01-Sep-97 FreeBSD performed well in an Internet Week review of WWW server platforms.

August 1997

  • 11-Aug-97 Researchers in Duke University's Trapeze Project have developed a high-speed Myrinet driver for FreeBSD. More information about the driver, Trapeze Project, and its parent project, the Collaborative Cluster Computing Iniative, including the code for the Myrinet driver, are available from the CCCI's WWW page.

  • 03-Aug-97 Netscape Communications has released a beta version of Netscape Communicator v4.0 for FreeBSD. It can be obtained via FTP from or its mirrors.

July 1997

June 1997

  • 17-Jun-97 FreeBSD 2.2.2-RELEASE CD-ROM discs are now in stock; subscription customers should receive them shortly.

May 1997

April 1997

March 1997

February 1997

  • 20-Feb-1997 FreeBSD 2.1.7-RELEASE is now available. Read the README.TXT file or the Release Notes for more information.

  • 10-Feb-1997 FreeBSD 3.0-970209-SNAP has been released. Read the README.TXT file for more information about this release.

  • 06-Feb-1997 A serious security problem affecting FreeBSD 2.1.6 and earlier systems was found. The problem has been corrected within the -stable, -current, and RELENG_2_2 source trees. As an additional precaution, FreeBSD 2.1.6 is no longer available from the FTP distribution sites. You can read more about the problem and solution from the FreeBSD-SA-97:01.setlocale security announcement.

  • 06-Feb-1997 The final pre-release version of FreeBSD 2.2-GAMMA, is now available. The README.TXT file has more information.

  • 02-Feb-1997 A snap-of-the-day server has been set up for the most current snapshot release of FreeBSD 2.2. Read the README.TXT file for more information.

January 1997

December 1996

  • 24-Dec-1996 FreeBSD 2.2-BETA has been released. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

  • 13-Dec-1996 FreeBSD 2.2-RELEASE will not support installation on machines with less than 5MB of RAM or 1.2MB floppy drives. Please see the original announcement for more information.

November 1996

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