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FreeBSD Developers Want List

This page lists various developer hardware needs. If you are interested in supporting the FreeBSD Project, you might consider donating some piece of hardware on this list to the Project.

We provide the FreeBSD username of the developer who needs a resource, the country they are in (for shipping purposes), the equipment they desire, and the use to which that equipment will be put.

For information on tax deductions and process, please see the information on the main FreeBSD Donation Liaison office page.

If you would like to donate something on this list, please contact

On a general note, we need a variety of Sparc64 machines for testing and improving our Sparc port. Even small, old (or new!) Sparc64 machines are perfectly usable. No matter which country you're in, we almost certainly have someone local who could use it.

Developer ID Developer Country Equipment Desired Equipment Use Date Added
des Oslo, Norway Hosting for up to a full rack of 1U servers New source tinderbox / continuous integration system. I have the hardware (including spares), but nowhere to host it. External bandwidth requirements are very modest, but a separate gigabit switch is needed for internal communication. 2013-02-15
des Oslo, Norway ATX motherboard with Intel H77 chipset, Intel Core i7-3770S, 32 GB (4x8) PC3-12800 memory with heatsink. Upgrade main development box, which is six years old. No chassis, PSU or disks required. 2013-02-15
jcamou AZ, USA. Gigabit switch Development/build cluster. Any kind of switch could work. 2005/08/11
jkoshy Rishi Valley, India. 4-port USB KVM switch & USB<->PS/2 adapters Facilitate working with multiple machines. 2008/09/02
jkoshy Rishi Valley, India. Solar backed UPS (500W x 4-6 hrs) Permit work on FreeBSD in the absence of grid power. 2008/09/02
jmg California, USA Fast multiprocessor AMD64 capable machine (dual core CPU ok). General build box to support FreeBSD work including ARM and multi-arch testing of patches. 2006/07/17
kientzle California, USA Tape drive, preferably SCSI DDS-3 or later bsdtar testing and development. 2010/01/24
marcel CA, USA 1GB of low-profile PC133 SDRAM (168pin DIMM). Memory can be buffered or unbuffered, preferably one 1GB DIMM or two 512MB DIMMs. Low-profile is a must. ECC is optional. More memory allows for better workloads when testing code in SMP setups. 2007/05/26
marks The Netherlands ACPI laptops (also for lend) (1) ACPI laptops that work, to test new code on.
(2) ACPI laptops that don't work, (to try) to fix.
markus Germany IBM ThinkPad Dock II (1) Enhance the acpi_ibm(4) driver.
(2) Enhance docking support.
matusita Japan 2-3 build machines:Pentium4 2GHz+,20GB+ ATA66+ HDD,256MB+RAM, 100base-TX NIC,serial, etc. Rebuild dying 2002/08/05
matusita Japan FTP server:Pentium3/Celeron 1GHz+,10GB+ ATA66+ HDD,100GB+ storage (RAID0+1 desirable),256MB+RAM, 100base-TX NIC,serial, etc. Rebuild dying 2002/08/05
nwhitehorn Madison, WI, USA IBM PPC desktop or rackmount hardware with a POWER4/5/6/7 or Cell CPU Add support for these machines. 2010/08/17
obrien Silicon Valley, USA SunBlade 2500 with 2x 1.6 ghz processors (or 1.28ghz). Continued FreeBSD/sparc64 development and testing. 2012/05/30
obrien Silicon Valley, USA Apple G5 dual-processor tower. Continued FreeBSD/PowerPC development and testing. 2012/05/30
portmgr New Jersey, USA 1GB or 2GB 72-bit fully buffered ECC DDR2 SDRAM 1.8V, 800/667/533MHz Upgrade package building cluster machines at NYI to 16GB or preferably 32GB. 2012/01/25
portmgr Silicon Valley, USA 1GB or 2GB 184-pin registered ECC DDR SDRAM 2.5V, 400MHz (PC3200) Upgrade package building cluster machines at ISC to 8GB or preferably 16GB. 2012/01/25
portmgr Silion Valley, California 36GB or greater 1" high SCSI hotplug hard drives Replace old drives in package building cluster machines. 2009/07/23
portmgr worldwide powerpc gear We could specifically use rack-mounted powerpcs (such as Xserve G5s) for our package building cluster in the US. 2012/01/27
portmgr worldwide sparc64 gear We could specifically use rack-mounted Sparcs (such as SunFire V120, V210, or V240) for our package building cluster in the US. 2009/07/23