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Hardware Donors Page

This page keeps a record of current hardware transactions taking place under the donations team. These are only completed or believed to be completed transactions. If something was offered but never shipped to anyone, please do not list it here. If you see any mistakes, please send an email to so that I may correct it. Feel free to cc: as well.

nsayer 4-port Zynx 'dc' NIC jlemon Unknown
Sebastian Trahm <> Packet Engines G-NICII 1000SX/PCI will Received
donxc <> ATI Rage Pro 128 anholt Shipped
Stephen Hoover <> Pentium III 1GHz 133FSB, 512MB PC133 RAM, Asus TUSL2-C motherboard (815EP chipset), Intel 82559 (PILA8460B) 10/100 NIC, 52X CD-ROM, floppy, case w/250W power supply w/case fan kris Received
Salvatore Denaro <> 512MB DDR ECC DIMM obrien Received
Frank Nikolajsen <> Three 533MHz 21164A CPU PC164SX (AlphaPC) motherboards Ports Cluster (obrien/peter) Received
William Gnadt <> PCMCIA CD-ROM drive (Addonics), USB 1.1 HD enclosure w/850MB HD imp, bsd CD-ROM shipped to imp, HD enclosure shipped to bsd
William Gnadt <> Seagate Cheetah 10K RPM 9GB UW-SCSI HD Model: ST19101W / 68-pin connector, new dual-fan HD cooler dannyboy Received
William Gnadt <> Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop (Pentium 266MHz, 64MB RAM, floppy and CD-ROM drives, docking station, PCMCIA Ethernet/modem card, extra power supply -- good condition imp Received
William Gnadt <> PCMCIA cards: "New Media" 28.8 modem (unknown model #), Linksys 33.6 LANmodem (model PCMLM36), Linksys combo ethernet card (model EC2T), 3COM 3C905B Ethernet 10/100B-T network adapter (PCI) PCMCIA cards to imp, 3COM nic to silby PCMCIA cards shipped. 3COM nic shipped.
William Gnadt <> 2.5" laptop HDs: Toshiba HDD2714 - 1443MB Toshiba HDD2731 - 1083MB darrenr Awaiting Shipment
William Gnadt <> 68-pin M-M SCSI cable 1 meter (brand new) mwlucas Received
Simon Chang <> Dual Pentium Pro 200MHz (both CPUs and VRMs included), 128 MB of RAM 10-GB IDE hard disk drive, IDE CD-ROM drive, one old 3Com 3C509B-TPO network card will Received
gj pc164 (Alpha) sos Received
Michael Hembo <> 4 * 512 MB PC133 SIMM (for jesper Received
trhodes 40GB IDE HDD rwatson Received
jesper on behalf of TDC Tele Danmark AlphaStation 255/233 sos Received
<> 384MB RAM for an AlphaStation 500 wilko Received
DEC/Compaq AS2100 SMP trevor Received
wilko, on behalf of Compaq DS10 murray, obrien, package cluster Received
wilko, on behalf of HP AlphaServer 1000A markm Received
Rolf Huisman Abit BP6 dual CPU mainboard wilko Received
Stefan Molnar <> Sun X6540A dual-channel Symbios 53C876 SCSI card (w/FCode) jake Received
obrien Hitachi ATAPI CDR-7730 cdrom drive sos Received
obrien DEC Alpha PWS 2MB B-cache module gallatin Received
obrien fxp(4), xl(4), pcn(4), dc(4) NIC's; Adaptec AHA-2940UW; Sun HD/68-pin UW-SCSI cable jake Received
obrien KVM Switch kris Received
obrien several AMD Athlon Slot-A 8[05]0 MHz CPUs gshapiro,gj,fjoe,wilko,mdodd all received
obrien AMD Athlon Slot-A 800 MHz CPU + Gigabyte GA-7IXE motherboard + 256 MB RAM kris Received
obrien 2x550 MHz Pentium-III system with 256MB RAM, CDROM, multiple NIC's scottl Received
obrien nVidia GeForce2 Pro, GeForce 256, Riva TNT2, Riva TNT AGP video cards. nVidia GeForce2 MX400, MX200, TNT2 PCI video cards. mdodd Received
obrien two Sun SPARCengine AXi "Panther" 300MHz UltraSparc-IIi with 256MB RAM, 9GB SCSI UW disk cluster, and scottl Received
obrien Sun Ultra-1 with 128MB RAM, CDROM, 2GB SCA disk scottl Received
obrien two fxp(4), one pcn(4) Ethernet cards rwatson Received
obrien AMD Slot-A 900 MHz CPU + Gigabyte GA-7IXE motherboard + 128MB RAM + 10 GB and 8 GB IDE disks + 3Com 905c-TX + nVidia GeForce2 GTS 64MB AGP video card jake Received
obrien Matrox G400 AGP dual-head, 2x Celeron 366 MHz socket-370 CPUs, Athlon 900 Slot-A CPU, PC100 DIMMs wilko Received
obrien Adaptec 3940UW njl Received
obrien two Aureal Vortex 2 sound card des and petef Received
obrien pair of AMD Opteron 246 CPUs kan Received
obrien pair of AMD Opteron 244 CPUs phk Received
obrien AMD Opteron 244 CPU sos Received
obrien AMD Athlon64 desktop: 3400+ CPU, 512MB RAM, IDE hard disk, 3Com 3c905c NIC, DVD-ROM drive, nVidia AGP video, floppy, case, power supply kris Received
obrien AMD Athlon64 desktop: 3200+ CPU, 512MB DDR333 RAM, two 60GB IDE hard disks, 3Com 3c996b gigE NIC, 3Com 3c905c NIC, DVD-ROM drive, nVidia GeForce2 GTS AGP video, floppy, case, power supply bde (shipped thru peter) Received
obrien AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton CPU bde (shipped thru peter) Received
obrien six 9GB SCSI LVD disks (2 SCA, 4 68-pin) scottl Received
obrien DEC Alpha 164SX motherboard, PC164SX 533 MHz CPU, 128MB ECC PC100 RAM, Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI controller, Matrox PCI video card ru Received (handcarried to .nl by marks, shipped to ru by wilko)
obrien AMD Opteron 850 CPU, 2 x AMD Opteron 254 CPU ru Received
obrien pair of AMD Athlon-MP 2400+ CPUs, Tyan K7 Thunder motherboard, power supply, 1MB DDR266 DIMM imp Received
obrien AMD Athlon64 3000+ CPU murray Received
obrien AMD Athlon64 3200+ CPU davidxu Received
obrien MSI AMD Athlon Slot-A motherboard, ATX form factor trhodes Received
obrien AMD Opteron 150 CPU, ASUS SK8N motherboard, 2GB RAM, DVD-ROM krion Received
obrien Pair of AMD Opteron 850 CPUs alc Received
gordont Sun Ultra-2 SMP 400 MHz with 1GB RAM, 2x 4GB SCA disks jake Received
gordont Sun Ultra-2 200 MHz with 512MB RAM, 2GB SCA disk obrien Received
Nick Jeffrey <> 2x 9GB SCA SCSI disks jake Received
kan Matrox Millennium II PCI video card nsouch Received
wilko Winbond ISDN card hm Received
wilko 21264/550 EV6 Alpha CPU obrien Received
wilko Athlon 850 Slot-A, 64MB DIMM fjoe Received
NcFTP Software / Mike Gleason <> NcFTPd Server site license for jesper Received
Michael Dexter Yamaha SCSI CDRW drive wilko Received
wilko Cologne Chip Design PCI ISDN card and Compaq ISA ISDN card hm Received
William Gnadt <> IBM Travelstar DJSA-210 Laptop Hard Drive, 10.06GB jesper Received
mbr 10 Gigabyte Hard Disk Drive sos Awaiting Shipment
The Open Group Single UNIX Specification (Version 3) books and CD-ROMs. mike (and -standards) Received
William Gnadt <> SoundBlaster 128 PCI mike Received
Matt Douhan <> Two Sony AIT-1 tape drives will Received
William Gnadt <> Toshiba MK6411MAT, 6495MB des Received
wilko, on behalf of HP AlphaServer 1000A phk Received
brueffer SMC Etherpower II (tx) NIC mux Received
Mike Tancsa, Sentex 2 remote machines: Intel Celeron CPU 2.00GHz (2000.35-MHz 686-class CPU) real memory = 528416768 (516032K bytes), 19595MB QUANTUM FIREBALLP LM20.5 UDMA66 Intel Pentium III/Pentium III Xeon/Celeron (866.38-MHz 686-class CPU) real memory = 796852224 (759 MB), 19595MB QUANTUM FIREBALLP LM20.5 UDMA66
FreeBSD Security Team (nectar) In use
Mike Tancsa <> IBM smart cards (PCMCIA and serial port) des Received
fenner AST FourPort/XN ISA serial card jwd Received
Ryan Petersen <> Sun Microsystems Sparc Ultra 5 cluster Received
Chris Knight <> 56K PCMCIA Data/Fax modem trhodes Received
wes Dual processor motherboard for Intel Celerons des Received
Craig Rodrigues <> ATI Graphics Xpression PCI 2 MB nsouch Received
Gregory P. Smith <> DEC Alpha PC164SX mobo+CPU, 2x 64MB ECC DIMM's, UW SCSI controller, 10/100 NIC wilko Received
gallatin Alpha 433au system will Received
Brian Cunnie <> DDS-3 scsi tape drive (12GB raw/24GB compr), SCSI terminator, SCSI cable (50-pin hi-density single-ended), and several DDS-3 tapes. kris Received
unfurl Dual Pentium 550MHz system rwatson Received
James Pace <> HP Omnibook 4000 ct 4/100, and an HP Omnibook 5000 cts 5/90 model 1200 imp Received
murray Hard copy of Docbook: The Definite Guide ceri Received
Christoph Franke <> 1.5GB SyJet gj Received
Christoph Franke <> IBM DDRS-39130 SCSI LVD/SE Harddisk des Received
Christoph Franke <> IBM DDRS-34560 SCSI SE Harddisk, Plextor PX-20TSi SCSI CDROM Drive ru Received
Christoph Franke <> IOMEGA Zip Drive SCSI 100 MB (incl. 2 Medias) phk Shipped
ETEK, Chalmers Compaq XP1000: DECchip 21264A-9 667MHz, 640MB RAM obrien Received
ceri A well-supported 4 serial port PCI card wilko Received
Mike Ray MIPS R4000 Microprocessor User's Manual jmallett Received
wilko 3 FC disks phk Received
wilko, on behalf of HP AlphaServer 4100 ticso Received
wilko, on behalf of HP AlphaStation 200 ceri Received
Brian Cunnie <> 40+gb IDE drive eric Received crypto devices (pci, pcmcia, cardbus cards, CPUs with builtin crypto+support, 3Com 3CR990, 3CRFW102/103 PC Cards w/ 3DES sam Shipped? 3Com XJack Wireless PC Card imp Shipped? A 3Com 3XP 3CR990-TX Typhoon txp(4) card will Received A 3com 3CXFE575CT Cardbus NIC arved Received
wilko, on behalf of HP AlphaServer 4100; for KDE development Received
David Leimbach <> One SATA controller sos Shipped?
David Leimbach <> G3 (blue and white) for the PPC project obrien Shipped?
Gavin Atkinson <> 2 x 8gb IDE drives brueffer Received
Jonathan Drews <> New motherboard, 1GB DDR2100 RAM, LSI Logic Ultra160 SCSI controller, and two 18GB Maxtor 10K III disks for 2003 edition of will Received
Jim Dutton <> 512MB of DDR2100 RAM will Received 2 IDE 3.5" 40GB for FreeBSD/alpha test machines wilko Received
Mike Miller HP Kayak XU (model D8430T) dual Pentium III 450MHz, 512MB RAM, 36GB, 15krpm IBM OEM SCSI drive, Matrox G200 video card, Intel gigabit and 10/100 NIC, Intel 440BX chip set deischen Received
Linuxtag FreeBSD Team Adaptec ANA 62022 NIC mux Received
Robin Brocks <> Two 256MB registered ECC PC133 DIMMs tmm Received
Michael Dexter serial-port Towitoko reader, and three crypto cards. des Received
Michael Dexter Sony VAIO subnotebook wilko Received
Michael Dexter HPT1540 SATA RAID controller, PATA-SATA dongles, 2 ATA controllers Sil0680 + Promise sos Received One of each of the following NICs: SIS 900, Dec 21143, NatSem 83820 mbr Received
Intel Corporation Commercial Intel C/C++ compiler license cluster (netchild) Received
wilko Fore ATM card des Received 20 Gigabyte IBM Laptop Hard Drive trhodes Received Pentium 4, 2,4 GHz, FSB800, 1 GB RAM Samsung PC3200, Altec DVD 16x/48x, 80 GB Maxtor IDE ATA133 (slightly used), 2 * 80 GB Maxtor SATA as RAID0, ATI Radeon 9200SE clone graphic card, 3,5" TEAC floppy, 420 Watt ATX be quit! ultra low noise power supply, and Athena CM03 case. netchild Received
Joe Altman PCI Sound card kris Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann two UltraSparc-II 300MHz (X1191A) CPU's obrien Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 128MB PC133 Registered ECC DIMM for Sun Blade 100 obrien Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 4x 128MB PC100 Registered ECC DIMM for Alpha UP2000 obrien Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann G4Port serial adapter for Apple G4 obrien Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Sun 13W3(male) to VGA 15pin(female) converter wilko Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 1 Intel EtherExpress 100 NIC, bulk, new
1 Seagate ST380011A, 80 GB IDE, new
1 50 PIN SCSI cable, new
1 Adaptec 2940 UW, used, tested
1 Seagate Streamer Travan 20 GB, used, tested
1 compu-shack SSW-503 5 port switch, 100 Mbit, new
lioux Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 8 GBic copper modules, FDDI concentrator, and two cables. phk 8GBic modules are in transet, others Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann SGI 1100 motherboard replacement rwatson Received
Artem Koltsov <> 1 PC100 128MB dimm njl Received
Artem Koltsov <> ATA100 PCI Card2 IDE ports with IDE 100 Cables, Ultra100, PROMISE TECHNOLOGY, ULTRA100 petef Received
Artem Koltsov <> SDRAM DIMM 128MB PC133 CL2, Micron Technology, CT16M64S4D7E.16T SDRAM DIMM 128MB PC133, SDRAM DIMM 128MB PC100, Motherboard S1598 Socket 7 with AMD K6 450MHz + IDE Cables, Trinity ATX, Tyan and AMD, S1598, and an IBM HDD IDE 9.1GB, DJNA-370910 fjoe Received
Artem Koltsov <> A PS2 Mouse 2 Buttons, M-S34,Compaq, 166861-001 and a PS2 Mouse 3 Buttons, M-CAC64, Labtec, 851680-0000 mikeh Received
Dynacom Tankers Mgmt LTD Sun Ultra 10 mux Received
Jon <> Samsung 8x8x32 CDRW rwatson Received
wilko Abit BP6 mainboard incl. CPUs nsouch Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann SUN SPARC Clone 4x400MHz 1GB RAM 36GB RAID System krion Received
Sten Spans AlphaStation 500 philip Received
mjacob AlphaServer 4100 SMP the FreeBSD cluster at Yahoo! (via obrien) Still in holding pattern awaiting placement in cluster
trevor Sun Ultra 1 and GDM-17E20 jmg Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann A 13W3 Female To DB15HD Male adapter (Sun monitor to VGA) ceri Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann "XML in a Nutshell" (O'Reilly) and a PCMCIA WLan Adapter josef Received
wilko Digital NoName Alpha mainboard ru Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann External SCSI enclosure, 4 1.2GB SCSI disks le Received
Jon Noack <> Two 32-bit if_em Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapters rwatson Received
Remi <> Sony VAIO PCG818 njl (passed to imp when use has ended) Received by njl
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann BT878 PAL TV-card with a MSP340x/MSP341x alex Received
Christoph Franke <> Pentium IV 2.0 GHz, Asus P4B266, 1 GB Ram (Infineon CL2), Adaptec 29160 SCSI Controller, Tekram DC390-U2W SCSI Controller, Seagate 36 GB 10.000rpm HDD, Plextor Ultra-Plex 40 Max SCSI CDROM, Fujitsu GgaMO Drive (1,3 GB capacity incl. 4 media), Adaptec Duo Connect Firewire/USB 2.0 Controller, 3Com 905C Ethernet Card, Turtlebeach Santa Cruz Soundcard PCI, Floppy Drive, Chieftec Big Tower Case (Noise-Controlled) mlaier Received
"" <> slot1 600MHz P3 CPU imp Received
Oliver Fuckner <> 3Com 3CR990 Typhoon/Sidewinder (txp(4)) NIC. obrien Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Sun Enterprise 450, 2x250MHz Ultra Sparc CPUs, 512MB RAM, 2x36GB (Seagate ST336705LC 5063) SCSI disk drives, 1x4GB (Seagate ST34371W SUN4.2G 7462) SCSI disk drive and a Streamer DDS3-DAT (HP C1537A), Intel PRO/1000 (em(4)) NIC arved Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 256MB Ram (Sun Original #501-5691) krion Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 1U Rackmount Intel Celeron 2.6GHz, 533MHz compat. motherboard, 256MB PC2100 DDR 266MHz RAM, Savage8 3D Video Accelerator, 80GB 7200rpm ATA100 IDE Harddrive, Integrated 10/100 LAN VT8233 trhodes Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Athena CM-03 case silver with be quiet! 350 Watt ATX 1.3, Asus motherboard A7V600, Athlon XP 2800+ processor with Artic copper cooling, 512 MB Ram Infineon PC3200, AOpen DVD 1648 silver, Floppy silver, Seagate ST380011A 80 GB IDE, xelo GeForce2 MX400 josef Received
"Darrell" <> Abit VP6 Motherboard w/raid, 2 Intel 1ghz CPUs, 1 gig PC 133 ram, Nvidia video card, Sound Blaster PCI sound card, DVD Player, CD-RW, Floppy Drive, Case, Power Supply mikeh Received
Aled Morris <> Netgear GA302T NIC for testing bge(4) yar Received
wilko Fore ATM card philip Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition ceri Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Quantum Atlas 10KIII 3,5" 73,4 GB brueffer Received
Chris Knight <> Several books, Assembly Step-by-step, TCP Illustrated Vol.2 and HTTP: The Definitive Guide. hmp Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Hitachi 5K80 (2,5", 80 GB), USB-to-serial adapter, 5.25" enclosure with USB2 and IEEE1394 ports, IEEE1394 PCI card netchild Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann External 60 GB USB2 disk le Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Fee for EuroBSDCon tutorial josef Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Funds for a laptop ceri Received
ceri Dual Pentium 3 motherboard plus processors vs Received
Network Appliance NetApp F825 filer with 2 terabytes of storage cluster Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 2 256MB DIMMs for AlphaStation DS10 wilko Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 4 256MB DIMMs for an AlphaPC164sx wilko Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann copy of the ANSI T1.617-1991 standard rik Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 3,5" Floppy Samsung with cable, CD-Rom Toshiba , 2 Intel XEON 1,8 GHz, socket 603 with cooler, 2 SCSI-3 68 pin-68 pin cable extern, 7 SCSI-disks 9,1 GB Seagate Barracuda ST319171 WC, 2 SCSI-disks 18,2 GB Seagate Barracuda ST318275FC fibre channel, 3 SCSI-disks 9,1 GB IBM DNES-309170 , 1 external SCSI-enclosure hot plug Chieftec CT-1034, 8 SCA-adaptors LVD, 1 QLogic fibre channel adapter, 1 Intel 1000 Pro MT NIC, 1 ICP Vortex SCSI raid controller GDT7519RN fibre channel, 1 Adaptec 39160 dual channel SCSI controller 64bit LVD, 1 SCSI-LVD 7+1 cable internal with terminator, 1 INTEL SHG2 DUAL XEON mainboard new, 2x 512MB DDR SDRAM's PC1600-CL2 Samsung M383L6420BT1-CA0 pjd Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 1 8 port Gigabit switch Netgear GS108, 1 new system: Athlon XP 2800+, 1 GB Ram (2 * 512 GB Infineon PC 3200), AOpen DVD 1648, Athena CM03 case silver, Floppy, Asrock motherboard, GForce 4, 80 GB Seagate IDE 3,5", 353 Watt Enermaxx power supply. mux Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 1 NetGear GA302 jesper Shipped
David <> 1 Alpha Motherboard kensmith Received
wilko Sun Creator3D UPA graphics card trhodes Received
Tunix B.V. ATX tabletop case for my AlphaPC 164sx wilko Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 16Mb flash for Cisco rik Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Cisco 2600 (64M memory/8M flash) + X.21 cable rik Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Entrance fee for the EuroBSDCon 2004 brueffer Received
Gavin Atkinson <gavin.atkinson at> Pair of fxp(4) cards ceri Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann NetGear GA302T bge(4) jesper Received
philip 2x Sun Ultra10 workstation will Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann

Hardware for laptop: Pentium III Mobile 600MHz CPU, 2 128MB PC100 SODIMM RAM, new battery, Netgear WG511T CardBus adapter

AMD64 desktop: ASUS SK8N motherboard, AMD Opteron 240 CPU, Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC, 2 512MB ECC RAM (Kingston), AOpen Combo drive (COM4824), 4 80GB IDE PATA, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8X video, 3.5" floppy, Athena CM03 case, 350 Watt Be Quiet! power supply, S/PDIF out module, 17" LCD monitor Acer AL1715

Hardware for Alpha: 4 128MB ECC RAM (Samsung), 18GB SCSI (Fujitsu MAA3182SC) with cable

RTL8139 Ethernet CardBus adapter, 2 Intel PRO/1000 MT desktop adapters, 5-port 100Mbps Ethernet switch

Flight to Germany and entrance fee for the EuroBSDCon 2004

ru Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 2 512MB ECC RAM (Kingston), 2 80GB SATA (Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9) for RAID1, 2 80GB PATA, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8X video, ASUS SK8N motherboard, 350 Watt Enermax SLN power supply, 3.5" floppy, Toshiba DVD-ROM, Athena CM03 case, AMD Opteron CPU, Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 TC, set of reserve coolers phantom Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann SPEC JBB2000 benchmarking software phantom Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann keyboard with US layout josef Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Adaptec 39160 dual channel SCSI controller 64bit LVD, 36GB SCSI HDD (HITACHI DK32EJ36NSUN36G) markus Received
philip Sun Ultra10 workstation thierry Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 4 memory DIMMs for AlphaServer DS10 wilko Received
wilko AlphaStation 500 5/266 workstation dinoex Received
philip Sun Ultra10 workstation brueffer Received
wilko 2x Seagate Barracuda 9.1GB SCA SCSI disk philip Received
Absolight Entrance fee for the EuroBSDCon 2004 mat Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 2x Seagate ST 380011A, 3.5" disk clement Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 8x 64M Sun memory philip Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Netgear GS608 Gigabit Ethernet switch wilko Received
Sebastian Trahm <> Specialix SX RS232 concentrator des Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Netgear GA302T Gigabit Ethernet NIC brueffer Received
Jrgen Dankoweit Madge Smart MK4 PCI Token Ring adapter philip Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Cisco 2600, NM-16A, 2x octopus serial cable philip Received
Warren Block <> Tecra 8000 imp Received
Michael Dexter Apple Power Macintosh G4 machine gallatin Received
Michael Dexter NCD Explora 451 PPC Thin Client obrien Received
Juergen Dankoweit <> Unsupported CF-Card reader josef Received
pav Two O'Reilly security books josef Received
ds em(4) compatible gigE card, 1000baseTX (copper) interface wilko Received
keramida Copy of "Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide" (O'Reilly), ISBN 0-596-00525-3. ceri Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann PCMCIA FireWire controller brueffer Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann IBM Laptop AC Adapter mlaier Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 75 EUR (for ISP) josef Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Power Battery for IBM Thinkpad T20 glebius Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 40 Gb notebook HDD glebius Received
maxim The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System glebius Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Funds for a laptop markus Received
ds Funds for a D-Link DWL-AG530 PCI card for ath(4) and wpa_supplicant testing. brooks Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann UltraSPARC IIi 300MHz CPU, 4.3G SCA disk, 18.2G SCA disk. philip Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Funds for a SATA HDD. ceri Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 2 Intel 100 MBit NICs, 1 be quiet! 350 Watt power supply, 1 DVD Toshiba SD-1912, 1 floppy TEAC FD-235HF, 2 Kingston KVR266X72RC25/512 (1 GB), 1 NVidia MX 4000 graphic card, 1 Ultra Silencer TC cooler, 1 AMD Opteron 144 1.8 GHz, 1 Asus SK8N mobo, 1 Seagate ST380011A HDD (80GB ATA). clement Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 1x Sun Ultra60, 768M memory, 2x SCA disk philip Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann AMD64 server : ASUS SK8N motherboard, AMD Opteron 144 1.8Ghz CPU, Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC, 2 512MB RAM (Kingston), 80GB IDE, ATI Rage 128 PRO ULTRA Video Controller simon Received
obrien 4x Athlon MP 2400+ CPUs with HSFs will Received
obrien 4x Opteron 844 CPU's alc Received
obrien 4x Opteron 875 dual-core CPU's alc Received
obrien Opteron 275 dual-core Tyan K8W system alc Received
obrien 2x Opteron 270 dual-core CPU's, Athlon64 3200+ CPU kan Received
obrien 2x Opteron 252 CPU's kensmith Received
obrien Athlon64 4600+ X2 dual-core and Athlon64 3800+, Gigabyte and Asus PCI-express motherboards scottl Received
obrien Quad Opteron 870 dual-core system jeffr Received
will 2x Athlon XP 2200+ CPUs with HSFs, 1 Sun Seagate 20GB HDD obrien Received
marcus 1 Maxtor Atlas 15K U320 8C018L0 SCSI disk for cvsup12 will Received
Jonathan Drews <> 1 copy of the "Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System" via gift certificate will Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 4x Seagate ST173404LCV disks philip Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 1 copy of the "The AWK Programming Language" Aho, Alfred and 1 copy of the "Compilers" Aho, Alfred krion Received Flight to Canada and accommodation fee for BSDCan 2005 krion Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann i386 machine : Athlon XP2800+, Asus A7V600, Seagate ST 380011A IDE, 80 GB, Maxtor Diamondmax 10 120 GB, NVidia Gforce 2 MX 400, 1 GB Ram (2 x Infineon 512 MB DDR, PC 2700), Compushack 100 MBit NIC, RTL 8139 clone. krion Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann 17" monitor LCD Acer 1715-sn krion Received
wilko Pentium Pro processor and heatsink des Received
Denis Kozjak and Daniel Seuffert ASUS A7M266-D, 2x AMD Athlon MP 2000+, 2x CPU Fan, 512 MB RAM, 400W PSU. marks Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Funds for a notebook philip Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Tyan Thunder SE7500WV2 dual Xeon board and 2 x 512 MB DDR PC 1600 registered DDR-ram. Peter Holm, Denmark Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Financial help with transportation to BSDCan. mlaier Received
Hartmut Obst <> Q-Tec 5 Port Switch mlaier Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Netgear WG511T ath(4) card. wilko Received
Brennan Stehling <> Four Java books: The Java Virtual Machine Specification, Java Virtual Machine, Programming for the Java Virtual Machine and The Java Native Interface. glewis Received
Frank Seuberth - Rentable Hardware Systeme & Consulting <> 2x Sun Ultra 2 machines philip Received
Gary Jennejohn <> Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook laptop with accessories. markm Received
Andreas Kohn <> DEC PBXGA "TGA" card. marcel Received
ds SMP mainboard with 2x Xeon 1.8GHz plus RAM Peter Holm Received
wilko AlphaStation 600 ticso Received
wilko Adaptec AH-2940UW mwlucas Received
obrien 2x AMD Opteron 250 CPU's scottl Received
obrien Arima HDAMA dual processor motherboard + 2x AMD Opteron 250 CPU's imp Received
Markus Deubel <> Sun Ultra 10 440 marius Received
Chris Elsworth <> Sun Fire v210 philip Received
ceri Apple USB keyboard (US layout) for my Mac Mini wilko Received
David Boyd SCSI enclosure, lots of hard drives, terminators, cables and accessories mwlucas Received
Mark <> Cisco Catalyst 1900 switch trhodes Received
Alexis L-Quc <> One copy of "The Elements of Typographic Style" by Robert Bringhurst, Hartley & Marks Publishers; 3rd edition (2004). ISBN: 0-88179-206-3. blackend Received
Sun W. Kim from Gigabit NIC jcamou Received
Mark <> CISCO 1900 Series switch trhodes Received
obrien 2 x AMD Opteron 275 CPU mlaier Received
obrien AMD64 mainboard plus Athlon64 3400 CPU wilko Received
wilko AMD64 mainboard, Athlon64 3400 CPU, 256MB RAM itetcu Received
Joe Altman <fj at panix dot com> ASUS mainboard plus P-III CPU and 512M; 2 graphics cards; various hard drives linimon Received
wilko AlphaStation 500 DIMMs ticso Received
imp Znyx quad dc(4) NIC wilko Received
Serge Vakulenko <vak at cronyx dot ru> Cronyx Tau-PCI/32 rik Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Funds for a hard drive and USB enclosure cperciva Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5000 Laser markus Received
Daniel <>, Seuffert & Waidmann Main server: 1U rackmount chassis, Intel Entry Server Board S845WD1-E, Pentium 4 2.53 GHz CPU, 2 512MB RAM, 2 150GB PATA FreeBSD Russian Documentation Project Received
Tamouh H. <> PC power supply kris Received
Sten Spans <> em(4) GbE card wilko Received
Chidananda Jayakeerti <> AMD Athlon64 desktop: ECS Nforce 4 motherboard, AMD Athlon64 3500+ CPU, 512MB DDR 400, 200GB SATA, 16x DVD-ROM, 8MB AGP video glewis Received
wilko AlphaPC164sx, 512MB RAM, 4.5GB SCSI disk, Qlogic SCSI HBA dunstan Received
trhodes USD 500 in cash for BSDCan trip. ru Received
hrs UltraSPARC laptop ru Received
asdf 4 SCSI hard drives marcel, thompsa, kan Received
Steve Quirk Sun Ultra 10 jkoshy Received
Paul Ghering <> Asus AP1400R 1U server wilko Received
remko 4 Keytronic Lifetime Designer Keyboards flz Received
Mike Tancsa Four fiber em(4) NICs, two copper bge(4) NICs glebius, oleg, yar, ru Received
Paul Ghering <> NatSemi Geode based Web/TV appliance sos Received
Paul Ghering <> NatSemi Geode based Web/TV appliance markm Received
Paul Ghering <> NatSemi Geode based Web/TV appliance wilko Received
netchild 3Com Wireless LAN 54 MBit adapter, Netgear RangeMax Wireless USB WPN111GR 108 MBit adapter, Anycom Blue USB-250 adapter hselasky Received
Martin Nilsson (Mullet Scandinavia AB) Seagate 80GB ATA disk, Samsung 512MB PC3200 RAM joel Received
lawrence 512MB RAM simon Received
Hans Beeksma multiple PCMCIA modems & NICs imp Shipped
Paul Ghering <> via wilko NatSemi Geode based Web/TV appliance ariff Received
Justin Pessa Sun Netra X1 shaun Received
wilko various PCMCIA cards imp Received
Paul Ghering <> via wilko NatSemi Geode based Web/TV appliance for the FreeNAS project Olivier Cochard-Labbe <> Received
Joe Altman Linksys USB ethernet adapter wilko Received
Uwe Laverenz <> Ultrabay Slim battery for IBM ThinkPad T41p markus Received
Andrejs Guba (WiMAX) FUJITSU DISK DRIVE 2.5-inch 60GB SATA - MHV2060BH matteo Received
Andrejs Guba (WiMAX) U320 1 channel SCSI CARD - LSI Logic LSI20320C-HP U320 SCSI PCI-X 133MHz mjacob Received
Bryan Kaplan Dell Managed 2708 8-port gig switch glebius Received
Nicole Harrington and Various SCSI drives, cables, and cards for mjacob, Dual P3 motherboard with chips and RAM for mpp, 146GB SCSI disk for glebius, various other system components (network cards, CPUs, CPU fans) waiting for other committers if/when they need it. All components delivered to trhodes. Received
netchild Pentium 4 2,4GHz CPU, Heatsink + CPU Cooler joel Received
rink 2 18GB SCA disks xride Received
markus Sun 100MBit SBus NIC shaun Received
Holger Jeromin D-Link DFE-570TX NIC njl Received
brueffer Adaptec ANA-62022 NIC danfe Received
Walter Kiel ECS ELITEGROUP 915P-A motherboard + CPU ade Received
Gareth Randall Sun Netra t1 philip Received
Garrett Cooper Seagate 73GB SCSI disk + 2x Adaptec 2940 U2W controllers and cables rink Received
Anand S Athreya & Srinivas Podila (Juniper) Dell E520 CPU jkoshy Received
Chess Griffin VIA EPIA-M system brueffer Received
Mariusz J. Handke SCSI disks + DIMMs wilko Received
Christoph Haas <> Sun Ultra 60: 2x 450MHz UltraSPARC II, 2GB RAM, 2x 9GB SCSI drives, QLogic 2200F FC controller
Sun StorEdge T3 with 9x 36GB FC drives
markus Received
carvay hard drive mounting kit for Soekris net4801 arved Received
brueffer soekris vpn1401 simon Received
wilko Sun Ultra 5 rink Received
Daniel Austin <> DIMMs plus ATA disks wilko Received
Daniel Austin <> DIMMs plus ATA disks rink Received
Daniel Austin <> ATA disks joel Received
Daniel Austin <> WinTV PCI Tuner card gavin Received
Edwin Verplanke <> Intel D3C6132 Software Development Platform jkoshy Received
Charles Smeijer AMD Opteron 250 CPU des Received
wilko Asus AP1400R 1U server rink Received
rpaulo VIA XinE Firewire OHCI (PCI) mlaier Received
Steve Rikli Ultra2 2x400Mhz, 2GB RAM, 2x72GB disks, CDROM linimon Received
Dax Kelson (Guru Labs) Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT rnoland Received
bms Netgear WGT634U gonzo Received
Mike Partin 4 x Dell 2550 dual P-III 2U servers
1 x Dell 6550 quad Xeon 4U server
2 x IBM Netfinity 400R dual P-III 1U servers
linimon Received
Colin Jensen 4.4BSD Manuals from O'Reilly marcel Received
Charles Smeijer HP/CPQ Gb NIC NC7770, PCI-X 133 HP p/n 284685-003 Rev 0G
HP/CPQ Gb NIC NC7770, PCI-X 133 HP p/n 284685-003 Rev 0E
HP/CPQ Dual port Gb NIC NC7170, PCI-X 133 HP p/n 313559-001 Rev 0A
SMC Fast ethernet USB NIC p/n 98-012084-585
IBM Gb NIC PCI-X 133 p/n 00P6130
HP DAT72 data cartridge 72 GB
ed Received
brooks 2 DDR400 256MB DIMMs wilko Received
Edson Brandi <> BrookTree chipset TV Capture Card BT878 lioux Received
Charles Smeijer HP JetDirect 175x print server rpaulo Received
Gateworks Corporation Cambria GW2358-4 board rpaulo Received
Alexis Megas <> Sun Ultra Sparc 60 glewis Received
bms MPLS and Label Switching Networks book rpaulo Received
bms See MIPS Run book stas Received
Justin Settle Kuma Athlon 7750 jkim Received
Justin Settle HTPC Machine wxs Received
Justin Settle Soekris 5501 lstewart Received
gavin 3 Zip 100 drives
3 3ware cards
mav Received
Gareth Randall HP C1636-00100 SCSI tape drive cracauer Received
Ivan Jedek 2 Sun Fire V65 miwi (for pkg build cluster) Received
Gareth Randall USB card gj Received
Kyle Anderson ( 6 SuperMicro servers brd (firewalls and infrastructure servers
for the new NYC FreeBSD co-location)
Garrett Cooper Cisco 877WAGN router ehaupt Received
Garrett Cooper Linksys WRT160N wireless router dougb Received
grehan Apple XServe G5 portmgr (for pkg build cluster) Received
Garrett Cooper 2GB PC6400 DDR2 Corsair RAM module fjoe Received
sson PowerMac G4 stas Received
sson PowerMac G4 rnoland Received
Raymond Vetter Sun Ultra 5 gahr Received
jmallett Cavium Octeon MIPS gonzo Received
Raymond Vetter Sitecom CN-500 itetcu received
Raymond Vetter 3xIDE cables
FDD cable
VGA cable
serial cable
2xCAT7 ethernet cable
romain received
ds memory modules and hard disks pgj received
Raymond Vetter Netier NetXpress XL1000 rink received
Raymond Vetter IBM Thinkpad port replicator brueffer received
Andreas Thalau 512MB PC2700 SO-DIMM RAM module brueffer received
Andreas Thalau Sharp Zaurus SL-5500G itetcu received
Travis Thaxton Dell Optiplex 960 ade received
Travis Thaxton Dell 22" LCD monitor delphij received
Travis Thaxton Dell 22" LCD monitor dougb received
Olivier Cochard-Labbe Sun Blade 150 fjoe received
Andreas Thalau Level One GSW-0502T gigabit switch lme received
Raymond Vetter ATI Radeon 9800 fjoe received
Anton Shterenlikht 1x Asus WL-107g (Ralink RT2560 + RT2525, ral(4))
1x MSI CB54G2 (Ralink RT2560 + RT2525, ral(4))
1x Sitecom WL-112 (Ralink RT2560 + RT2525, ral(4))
1x Zonet ZEW1500 (PRISM GT/ISL3890, no driver)
1x Linksys WPC11v4 (Realtek RTL8180L, no driver)
bschmidt received
Garrett Cooper Core2Duo-based i386 machine bf received
Garrett Cooper PowerMac G5 dchagin received
Eimar Koort <> Sun Microsystems Sun Fire V210 marius received
wilko 4x 72GB FibreChannel disk for the sparc package building machine marius received
Jean-Michel Poure Feitian R-301 and ePass2003 arved received
Lyndon Nerenberg Sun Microsystems Sun Fire V100 tabthorpe received
Anton Shterenlikht Linksys WPC11 ver.3 (no driver)
US Robotics USR5410 (Texas Instruments, no driver)
Cisco Aironet 350 (no driver)
Linksys WPC54G ver3.1 (Broadcom BCM4318, bwi(4))
NEC CMZ-RT-WP (NEC CMZ-RT-WP, wi(4), unsupported)
Netgear WG111v2 (Realtek RTL8187L, urtw(4))
adrian received
Garrett Cooper Macbook 2.2GHz Santa Rosa marcel received
Garrett Cooper 2x 4GB 1333 DDR3 ECC RAM banks garga received
Marco Dola 2x Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G RAM banks gavin received