6.15 Using Tcl/Tk

The Ports Collection supports parallel installation of multiple Tcl/Tk versions. Ports should try to support at least the default Tcl/Tk version and higher with the USE_TCL and USE_TK variables. It is possible to specify the desired version of tcl with the WITH_TCL_VER variable.

Table 6-22. The Most Useful Variables for Ports That Use Tcl/Tk

USE_TCL The port depends on the Tcl library (not the shell). Minimal required version can be specified with values such as 84+. Individual unsupported versions can be specified with the INVALID_TCL_VER variable.
USE_TCL_BUILD The port needs Tcl only during the build time.
USE_TCL_WRAPPER Ports that require the Tcl shell and do not require a specific tclsh version should use this new variable. The tclsh wrapper is installed on the system. The user can specify the desired tcl shell to use.
WITH_TCL_VER User-defined variable that sets the desired Tcl version.
USE_TCL_THREADS Require a threaded build of Tcl/Tk.
USE_TK The port depends on the Tk library (not the wish shell). Implies USE_TCL with the same value. For more information see the description of USE_TCL variable.
USE_TK_BUILD Analog to the USE_TCL_BUILD variable.
USE_TK_WRAPPER Analog to the USE_TCL_WRAPPER variable.
WITH_TK_VER Analog to the WITH_TCL_VER variable and implies WITH_TCL_VER of the same value.

A complete list of available variables can be found in /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.tcl.mk.

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