8.5 Changing the Names of pkg-* Files

All the names of pkg-* files are defined using variables so you can change them in your Makefile if need be. This is especially useful when you are sharing the same pkg-* files among several ports or have to write to one of the above files (see writing to places other than WRKDIR for why it is a bad idea to write directly into the pkg-* subdirectory).

Here is a list of variable names and their default values. (PKGDIR defaults to ${MASTERDIR}.)

Variable Default value
DESCR ${PKGDIR}/pkg-descr
PLIST ${PKGDIR}/pkg-plist
PKGINSTALL ${PKGDIR}/pkg-install
PKGDEINSTALL ${PKGDIR}/pkg-deinstall
PKGREQ ${PKGDIR}/pkg-req
PKGMESSAGE ${PKGDIR}/pkg-message

Please change these variables rather than overriding PKG_ARGS. If you change PKG_ARGS, those files will not correctly be installed in /var/db/pkg upon install from a port.

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